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16 780d 08h valery /trunk/ * Removed deployment scripts and publishing profiles;
* Added additional frameworks to some of the projects;
* Converted README.txt and TODO.txt to Markdown files;
* Replaced the WormsServiceBase class with the IWormsService interface;
* Replaced "App.config" for a "config.json";
* Added a WormsServiceManager for service management;
* Replaced WormsSharedData with Wormageddon class;
* Extracted an IWormageddon interface from the Wormageddon class and referenced is throughout the projects;
* Switched to using asynchronous methods;
* Switched to the new C# 6.0 syntax;
* Improved split between IRC and HTTP related functionality;
* Reorganized classes;
* Turned common classes into (almost) POCO objects;
* Cleaned up dependencies;
* Renamed "www/" back to "wwwroot/".
15 838d 01h valery /trunk/ * Extracted service names and start/stop tracing to service base class;
* Relative paths in configuration paths are now relative to the server entry assembly;
* Switched to .NET Framework 4.5.1;
* Switched from .csproj projects to .xproj;
* Preparing for .NET Core support;
* Renamed HTTP, IRC & NAT servers to services;
* Switched to C# 6.0 syntax when formatting strings;
* Switched to using nameof() when throwing argument exceptions;
* Switched from using integer to string player IDs;
* Switched to using async tasks instead of thread pooling;
* Fixed copyright information;
* Improved deployment script;
* Much better CommunityServerList.htm;
IRC Service:
* Improved handling of disconnecting users;
* Improved version and date retrieval when registering a user.
HTTP Service:
* Improved MIME type map initialization;
* Added support for HTTP listener prefixes (virtual hosts/paths);
* Fixed erronous exception message in HandleClientAsync();
* Unified player retrieval in command handlers.
* Added a publish profile;
* Removed CommunityServerList.htm from www/;
* Added a favicon to www/;
* Improved index.html in www/.
14 839d 08h valery /trunk/ * Made all services disposable;
* Added a CommunityServerList.htm;
* Added IRC server password support;
* Improved URLs;
* Added client version retrieval;
* Added different response to log-in request depending on the client version;
* Improvements to WormsHttpException;
* Added additional Subversion ignores.
13 1130d 00h valery /trunk/ * Player statistics are now automatically saved every 10 seconds and restored upon start-up.  
12 1136d 06h valery /trunk/ * Added a deployment script.  
11 1136d 06h valery /tags/release-1.0/ * Tagged the 1.0 release.  
10 1136d 06h valery /trunk/ * Added a small README.txt file.  
9 1136d 06h valery /trunk/ * Configuration improvements;
* Removed "wormageddonweb" from URLs;
* Started implementing player information persistence;
* Documentation improvements.
8 1163d 09h valery /trunk/ * Simplified configuration initialization and use;
* Started implementing an IRC report bot;
* Code refactoring and clean-up.
7 1164d 05h valery /trunk/ * Removed unused files from SVN.  
6 1164d 05h valery /trunk/ * Refactored the way shared data is used;
* All settings are now read in the shared data;
* Added some additional settings;
* Added a sample future configuration;
* Improved WormNAT support in IRC server;
* Other minor improvements.
5 1169d 01h valery /trunk/ * Moved common classes and different services into a dedicated project;
* Fixed some NAT service issues;
* Fixed minor fixes in IRC services;
* Optimizations in the IRC service;
* Added Apache and Nginx sample configurations for HTTP redirects.
4 1169d 08h valery /trunk/ELogix.WormsNet.Server/ * Fixed and improved WormsNatServer;
* Improved WormsNAT implementation in WormsIrcServer;
* Other minor tweaks.
3 1169d 23h valery /trunk/ * Added an initial implementation of the WormsNatServer (not tested yet);
* Removed redundant interface implementation declaration in WormsHttpServer and WormsIrcServer classes;
* Added some regions for better orientation in code;
* Moved README.txt to the main solution folder.
2 1170d 01h valery /trunk/ * Put constants into their relative classes;
* Improved location recognition;
* Simplified the way settings are read;
* Improved IRC protocol compatibility;
* Updated TODOs in README.txt.
1 1170d 03h valery / * Initial commit.