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9 1098d 04h valery /trunk/ * Switched the project from PHP.VS to NetBeans.  
8 1502d 03h valery /trunk/examples/ * Minor redesign of the example script.  
7 1892d 10h valery /trunk/ * Added a "PHP for Visual Studio" project file and a Visual Studio solution.  
6 1994d 04h valery /tags/release-2.0/ Tagged the 2.0 release.  
5 1994d 04h valery /trunk/ * Removed PHP 4 implementation;
* Class refactoring;
* Rewrote the DNS blacklist client almost from scratch;
* Added an example script;
* Generated an updated documentation;
4 1994d 09h valery /tags/release-1.0/ Tagged version 1.0.  
3 1994d 09h valery /trunk/ * Fixed a missing "var" before the $blacklists member of the Dnsbl4 class;
* Fixed a missing "\" namespace prefix in exception instantiation in the Dnsbl class;
* Added documentation;
2 1994d 09h valery /trunk/ * Initial commit.  
1 1994d 09h valery / * Created initial structure;